As you may have heard, The Guardian newspaper here in Blighty is currently giving away free booklets each day on the subject of ‘How To Write’ – each booklet covers a different area.

However, for those of you who aren’t close to a newsagent, and/or don’t want to give money to the Guardian, the booklets are available online. And in the spirit of making sure you can all have a look without having to lash out 80p for a paper which you’ll just lob in the recycling bin, here are the links to the booklets which have been issued so far:

How To Write Fiction

How To Write Comedy

How To Write Plays And Screenplays

Yet to come are booklets on Memoir and Biography, Journalism, and Books for Children. You should be able to find them online in much the same place, just navigate by date at the foot of the left-hand column (‘Recent Editions of How To Write’).

I’ve read the ones on Fiction and Comedy, and whilst seasoned scribblers might justifiably say that they cover well-trodden ground, there are some points in there which bear repeating. Well, they did for me, anyway.

Have a click and see what you think…