Factual, You Say?

This level of understanding as to what words, y’know, actually mean might be a clue as to why the ‘London Lite’ newspaper is given away free, as opposed to them asking you to part with the old hard-earned for it…


Pay No Attention To The Men Behind The Reporter


Charm Offensive


  1. London Shite perhaps ?

  2. It’s the free spin-off of the Evening Standard, which probably gives you a clue how good it’s going to be…

    Just realised that the ‘review’ element of that column appears pretty much to consist of reading the back of the DVD box (or, even more likely, the first few paragraphs of the press release). Impressive!


  3. rob

    Be fair now, those are definitely real DVD’s, and that’s a fact.

  4. Awful, awful rag. I read it once and decided that it would make better bottom fodder. If only the pages were softer.

  5. Oh, it’s very bad indeed – as Rob points out, they are real DVDs, but I’m far from sure that they’re being ‘reviewed’ in a ‘real’ newspaper…

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