Charm Offensive

Many people I know have certain ideas of what they like, or think they’d like, in a partner.

This chap, though, seem to be taking things a bit far.

If nothing else, I’ll wager all the software engineers who see his comments grind their teeth at how he’s enforcing the very worst kind of stereotype about the folks in their profession. He makes Moss from the IT Crowd sound like Casanova, doesn’t he ?


Factual, You Say?


Free Booklets on ‘How To Write’


  1. That is, without a shadow of a doubt, the scariest man in the multiverse.

  2. What makes him assume that any woman is desperately seeking an asshole?

  3. Ooooh. Now, as a potty mouth, I’ve removed myself from the list of candidates. Damn.

  4. I love the stuff about women who were once men, or might have once wanted to be men, or who might have seen ‘Tootsie’ (okay, maybe I made that one up) – someone’s either had a deeply traumatic experience in the past, or is repressing a bit of a desire, I think…

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