Yes, It IS A Pathetic Attempt To Ride The Coat-Tails Of People Who Are More Talented. Still, At Least I’m Aware Of It, Eh?

If you feel – as I obviously do – that there just aren’t enough books available to buy which feature my name, then you may be pleased – as I am – to know that Jess Nevins’s latest book of annotations on the Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill comic series ‘The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen’, “Impossible Territories”, name-checks me on page 12 amongst the people thanked for their help with the content of the book.

Jess is, as the book ably demonstrates, a very smart chap whose talents are well-used in annotating the series, but I also like to think that he realises that even his terrific tome can only be improved by the inclusion of my name. Mr N, I doff my cap to you. Truly, the pleasure was all mine.

I’ve got my copy of the book, and jolly good it is too – if you want to let the world of publishing know that there should be more books referring to my rampantly egotistical self, you can vote with your money here.


LINK : Virtual Words And Aural Pleasure


Mind You, Compared With Iggy Pop’s Phallocentrism, This Is Positively Dignified, Isn’t It?


  1. Any mention is a mention worth having. I had no idea you were such a ‘Leaguer’ though (just what is the collective noun for LOEG fans?)I would have to count myself among them.

  2. It’s probably a ‘litigation of LOEGers’ or something in that vein, I guess… my input was very wee indeed, but Jess is a polite sort, and I do appreciate his acknowlegment.

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