The Forever Story is an online collaborative story which aims to raise £50,000 for charity, and you can take part. It’ll cost you nothing at all, and you can literarily (as opposed to literally) rub shoulders with the likes of the writers named above.

Interested? I thought you might be. Here’s a smidgin more info…

‘The Forever Story’ opens with 35 words from Nick Hornby (“For the first nineteen years of his life, Johnny Razor wasn’t Johnny Razor at all. He was Malcolm Weatherly, and he was born in Mile End Underground station on the night of 17th September 1940.”) and after that, like a creative game of pass-the-parcel, anyone can join in and make their contribution. The nifty bit is that every time someone adds a bit to the story, the internet folks TalkTalk have agreed to contribute £1 to Treehouse, an autism charity.

So, I’d politely urge you to click here and make your contribution to the story – it’s for a good cause, and if you take the time to read (or, as is also possible on the site, to listen to) the story so far, you can see that it’s wiggled rather amusingly along the way.

If you’re wondering which bit I did, you can probably find it by doing a search on the site for the word ‘paralysis’. And if you think my contributions’s garbage, then I’d politely suggest that you put TalkTalk’s money where your mouth is, and write something better. In fact, I positively encourage you to do so.