Cover Me, I’m Going In

I was faintly disappointed to read this de-bunking of a rather fun magazine cover… but then my spirits were lifted by the discovery of this one!

… And for some reason, people suggest my sense of humour is akin to that of a teenage boy. Everyone’s a critic.


My Wedding: Part Three Of Three


And Soon You Will Find There Comes A Time, For Making Your World Up


  1. Hmmm … every front cover of SFX has somehow managed to obscure the bottom half of the F. Strangely sad. x

  2. Buttock Quarterly – wow… (just put my subscription in, by the way)

  3. I seem to recall the 1980s comics fanzine ‘Fantasy Advertiser’ all too often played up the first word of its title, frequently with pictures of female superheroes on the cover…

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