My Wedding: Pre(r)amble

I got married last Saturday, and it was a fun day, and I want to post about it (as regular readers will imagine, I’m unlikely to be able to tell the tale in one post, as my logorrhoea increases with my excitement about a subject).

However, before I do that, I feel I ought to refer back to this post, in which I said that my bride and I had been unimpressed to receive a short-notice notification that someone was pulling out of attending the wedding via Facebook.

In that post, I ranted slightly about how it was a rubbish way to decline the invitation to attend, and a rather cowardly one at that… though, my ever-faithful readers, it’s my sad duty to report that someone decided to raise the ante – by telling me they weren’t going to attend at 10.30 on the morning of the wedding, via text message.

I’m fundamentally optimistic about human nature, and like to think that, if they’re given the opportunity and not backed into a corner in any way, people will tend to act in line with the more impressive standards of human behaviour.

Receiving a text message declining the invitation, just over four hours before my wedding ceremony, when guests had been given over a year’s notice of the date and venue, is the sort of thing which makes even an optimist like myself begin to wonder if maybe people aren’t as fundamentally decent as I’d like to think.


Anyway, this frankly infuriating behaviour aside, the day was a great one, and in the next three posts I’ll describe why it was so much fun – including a few hints on how, if you’re planning a wedding, you might be able to make it go more smoothly – but I just wanted to get this grr out of the way first. A metaphorical clearing of the throat, as it were, before I get to the nub of my gist.

Oh, and I don’t have any pictures to share yet, but I’m confident our photographer did a great job, and I’ll share some choice snaps as soon as I can. Honest.

Thanks, by the way, to people such as Steve and Stu, for their kind wishes both before and after the wedding days, it’s much appreciated.


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  1. My pleasure. I wish I could have been there, maybe I could attend the honeymoon ? Or would that be bad form ?

  2. I’ve checked with my wife, and she seems to be fine with the idea, as long as you, and I quote, “hold the camera”.
    Being naive and innocent, I have no idea what that might possibly mean…

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