This was the scene on Friday 8th August, when a number of protesters disrobed on Victoria Street in London and protested about climate change into front of the BERR (formerly the DTI) building.

I was passing by, and thought it was worth capturing for posterity, and sharing with you good people (it’s just taken me a few more days than I anticipated, as I couldn’t find the cable to connect my phone to the PC. Tch).

Anyway, two thoughts occurred to me about the protest:

Firstly, the BERR staff are predominantly civil servants, and given my experience of the way that civil service flexi arrangements work, on a Friday afternoon it’s quite likely that the protest might have gone unnoticed until the following Monday, for want of people actually being in the building.

And secondly, given that the BERR building is a short distance from New Scotland Yard, it did seem to take a surprisingly long time for the protesters to be removed. I can’t help but wonder if that would have been the case had it been an all-male protest…