I’ve Got A Smattering Of Links To Bring You – Tough Links, And Cuff Links, And Um, Doo Be Ding Doo…*

Do you live outside the UK? Then you might be able to access this free ‘motion comic’ version of Watchmen issue 1. For the record, whilst the film trailer looks quite pretty, a filmed version of Watchmen makes about as much sense as a musical version of the Mona Lisa, to my mind.

Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller revive their characters Craig Children and Martin Baine-Jones for what seems to be a new series of free podcasts.

I’ll wager more than a few gents of a certain age have been disappointed by this particular product’s name.

I urge you to look at Section 53 of the judgment in the recent case of Mosley v News Group Newspapers Ltd. Nicely put, The Honourable Justice Eady, very nicely put indeed.

*With apologies to Messrs Batt, Pratt and Steele.


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  1. I thought I’d better let you know that the Nigella link was hugely appreciated by myself and the chaps at QI. Now we just have to manage our crashing disappointment …

  2. Sorry chaps – something for Series G, I fear (‘great disappointment’)…

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