The (Man Whose Face Was Rendered) Scarlet (With Rage By The Removal Of A Single) Letter

Did you watch the Supersizers programmes on BBC2 recently? I did, and though I was familiar with (and a fan of) Sue Perkins, I didn’t really know much of Giles Coren, the co-presenter, but I was pleased to see he was pretty witty, and he and Perkins made a good match in terms of banter and overall fun. So I’d kind of concluded that he was an ‘all right chap’.

But it seems that he’s a little bit keen to send … let’s call them ‘strongly worded’ e-mails to people, and not always over issues of burning importance. Here, for your delectation, are three of the e-mails he’s purportedly sent to people who’ve annoyed him (two of them in the last few months, one several years ago). I can understand the frustration on some level, but … well, come on Giles, do you eat restaurant food with that mouth?

Sweary: Giles writes to the Times about the sub-editor removing one letter from one of his reviews.

Swearier: Giles sends an e-mail to a fellow restaurant critic who suggested Giles had used his status as a critic to get a better choice of menu.

Sweariest: Giles writes to a magazine whose sub-editors made a change to his review of Mike Dunn’s (clever and funny) book ‘Ella Minnow Pea’ .

After all, it’s now as if changing one letter will substantially amend the meaning of a sentence


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  1. Very clever 🙂

    I’d love to see the responses to those emails…

  2. I think the response was to publish them online.

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