The Place? A Packaging Design Agency. The Time? 2006, Just After Lunchtime

Boss: Gareth, got a job for you.

Gareth: Really? I was kind of hoping to get to the pub in time for a drink with Terry on his last day.

Boss: Well, you can probably still make it if you can think of a quick packaging design for this.

(Boss hands Gareth a small package)

Gareth: Didn’t this film come out a few years ago?

Boss: Yes, but they want us to come up with a new design for the PSP version.

Gareth sighs.

Boss: Anyway, I’ll be down the pub with the others, if you can think of something quickly I guess I’ll see you down there.

Gareth: Yeah, okay, but it’s not like there’ve been any DVD sleeves on a similar theme that I could just rip off, is there ? … Oh, wait a minute.

Cut to:
Five minutes later. Gareth is in the pub, drinking with Terry, his Boss, and some other colleagues.


Soundtrack : Opening Of ‘Mars’ from Holst’s Planets Suite


Please Be Aware That All Communications With Me May Be Remembered For Anecdotal And/Or Mockery Purposes


  1. ah. funny! Just goes to show that people notice if you have original interesting packaging and people notice when your packaging is unoriginal or overdone. Great post. It was really creative. I work for a packaging company ( and I might have to share this post with some of my colleagues. haha.

  2. How great! A packaging company with a sense of humour. Mind you, I’m sure I’ve seen this comment somewhere else on a similar blog …

  3. Oh, I hope not, Steve, I’d feel the sanctity of the blog comments had been tainted!

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