I Don’t Ask For Much From You, Do I? Well, Do I ? Oh, Okay, So Maybe I Do. BUT…

As regular readers will know, this year, I’ve decided to let someone else be the winner of Marie Claire’s ‘London’s Most Eligible Bachelor Award’. Which is to say, I’m getting married. To a frankly remarkable woman, who I could start to describe my admiration and affection for, but I’d just go on and on and you’d all start to get bored of me doing so, and besides I need to save the good stuff for my speech on the Wedding Day.

Anyway, not only is Jules (for that is her name) kind enough to take me on to try and keep me out of trouble, but she also has an eye on the welfare of society at large – by way of proving this, I’d point to the fact that on Sunday 20th July, for the third year in a row, she’s taking part in Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life .

She’ll be doing the 5K walk round Regent’s Park, and whilst the sight of me cheering at the finishing line will be some measure of motivation (especially if I’m holding a gin and tonic), I’m sure it would really help her to keep them feet a-movin’ if some of you folks out there in blogland would be kind enough to sling some money towards sponsoring her.

If you click here, you can sponsor my lovely almost-wife online, at a totally secure website which also allows your donation to bulk up through the magic of Gift Aid at no expense to you. And, of course, all the money will go towards Cancer Research UK’s vital work fighting cancer.

At the risk of making assumptions about any of you good people reading these words, I rather fear that most of us know someone who’s been affected by cancer (either themselves or someone they care about), and so I hope that you can see why this is a worthy cause. No donation too small. Or too large.

If the warm glow of philanthropy (Phil’s so much nicer than his sister Miss) isn’t enough for you, then perhaps I can entice you to sponsor Jules by pointing out that the sponsor page also features a picture of her, grinning like the cheerful type she is, so if you’ve ever thought you’d be interested to see what one of the more tolerant women in the world looks like (or maybe she’s just hard of hearing), then pop over to the sponsor site and sate your curiosity. And then you should sponsor her, because otherwise I’ll get all angry about you lookin at my bird, all right?

Thanks – by all means tell her I sent you, it’ll help me prove that the folks of my acquaintance are kinder and more generous than hers, and I’d like to be the one of the two of us who’s proven right (it’d be the first time, after all, and I’m keen and eager to see how it feels).


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  1. I’ve made a donation – Good luck Jules! A worthy cause. It’s a brave lady who takes on such a daunting prospect. And the Race for LIfe.

  2. Thanks Steve, very kind, and –
    hey, wait a minute…

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