Sharps Update

Waiting to hear if you’ve made it through to the next round? Me too… but take a look here.

Two hours, then.

I recommend a cup of tea while waiting…


Words. In Scripts, E-Mail Inboxes, On Webpages, And On The Printed Page. Words. Oh, How I Love Them…


How Do I Feel About The Paucity Of Updates Over The Last Couple Of Days?


  1. I’ll have three sugars.

  2. Sure. A biscuit too? We have choccy ones.

  3. Mmmn. Very nice.

    By the way, John, is there anyway of opening up your comments so I can be logged in under WordPress – Google/Blogger just leads to my dead blogs…

  4. Done, I think – let me know if not.

  5. Much better!

  6. Well? Well????? Any news? I shall checkin later after a few more sangrias …

  7. Well!!!??? Ok, I’ll check back tomorrow after scuba diving …

  8. Ah, I wish I could pretend that my silence was an attempt to create dramatic tension, but it’s just because I’ve been madbusy. Anyway, nothing for me from the BBC – I shall have to try again, I guess.

    Scuba? Very nice – don’t forget to equalize!


  9. Ah well, my fingers were crossed for you. Edward Woodward … he Equalised didn’t he?

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