Slightly Blurred, I Think My Hand Shook In Time With My Head

Spotted on a Jubilee Line train here in London the other day.

All fairly standard religious stuff, but then you reach the last line, and … well, I presume all the folks involved in producing the tube card decided one preposition was as good as another.

I guess a person ‘believes on’ Jesus in much the same way that cheetahs ‘pray on’ the slowest wildebeest in the herd.


If This Isn’t Your Sort Of Thing, ‘Flight Of The Conchords’ Have A New Album Out, But You’ll Have To Pay Actual Money For That.


In Which I Talk About How The Packaging And Presentation Can Detract From The Gift When It Ought To Increase Our Interest


  1. ‘I’ and ‘o’ are keyboard neighbours, sadly. Unfortunate.

  2. You’re absolutely right.

    Daft that it made it through, though – if not as bad as the replacement of ‘now’ for ‘not’ (and vice versa)which my typing fingers seem so keen to do whenever possible, thus completely changing the meaning of what I’ve typed…

  3. I’m terrible for writing ‘wanker’ instead of ‘dear friend’. Gets me into all manner of scrapes.

  4. So it was you who rang Saturday Superstore in the 1980s and insulted Matt Bianco! Reassuring to know that you actually meant to call them a ‘Bunch of dear friends’.

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