Meanwhile, In An Office In Soho, London…

AdMan1: Damn it, Jed, I’ve got nothing.

AdMan2: Nothing at all, Ty? That’s not like you.

AdMan1: I know, I’m the most prolific young buck at this damn agency, but I just can’t come up with anything to sell these fizzy mineral tablet things.

AdMan2: Tough break, Ty. Anyway, look at this funny video on YouTube, it’ll help take your mind off it.

They watch the video.

AdMan1: Hey, I like that. Who’s playing?

AdMan2: They’re called ‘OK Go!’.

AdMan1: Never heard of them. Anyway, how many views has that video had?

AdMan2 peers at the screen for a second.

AdMan2: About 30 million, Ty.

AdMan1: Is that all? Well, I’m sure no-one’ll notice if we rip it off.

AdMan2 frowns.

AdMan2: Rip it off?

AdMan1: Er, I mean, make an homage to it.

AdMan2: I was worried for a moment there, Ty. You sounded perilously close to being a non-creative.

AdMan1: Not me, Jed, I’m a creative genius, and I could build brands in my sleep.

AdMan2: Amen to that, Ty.

Cut to:

Three months later, same office. This advert plays on a TV screen. In front of it, Jed and Ty high-five.


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  1. My thoughts exactly. What a steaming pile of derivative stool. They should be ashamed (as should the ad guys who did the Virgin campaign a year ago by ripping off Danny Wallace’s ‘Yes Man’ idea. At least they were forced to pay up for their laziness!

  2. This swipe is covered in the latest issue of Private Eye (issue 1209) on p11, adding that the OK Go! video also won the 2007 Grammy for Best Short-Form Music Video – which does mean the ad agency involved must have been insane to think it wouldn’t look even vaguely familiar.

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