Monastic Productions Q&A In London

You might already have heard about this, but if not…

The BBC Writersroom has organised a Q&A session with Ashley Pharaoh and Matthew Graham of Monastic Productions – also known as the chaps involved in creating and writing Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.

It takes place at the Soho Theatre in London on Monday 14 April at 5pm, and tickets are free. Full details, including how to get on the ticket list, are here.

I’m on the list, and am planning to go along – anyone else in blogland attending this? Do let me know, it’d be good to say hello.


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If You Don’t, I’ll Make Some Awful Snickers Joke. Seriously.


  1. I’m going, sir! We must do beer.

  2. Imagine the following in Bruce Campbell’s voice:

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