‘Names’ Named, Though Not Entirely Shamed

In this post earlier this week, I made what Lucy immediately labelled a shameless attempt to bribe the judges of a competition – the aim of the competition being to script, storyboard or even shoot an advert for the new Patricia Cornwell paperback.

Well, it looks as if I wasn’t shameless enough, or perhaps I should have made a better offer, as the shortlist of six finalists has been announced, and I’m not on it.

However, if you scroll down a little further on the page in question, you may well spot a familiar name. Go on, have a look, I’ll wait right hereā€¦ back now?

I’m rather pleased about it, to be honest – especially as I’ve never written an advert before in my life. Like getting a rejection letter back but with some promising or supportive remark in it, it’s stuff like this that helps keep me motivated, silly as that may sound.

If you want to see my entry, called ‘Names’, it’s here.


World Book Day 2008


Your Not-Really-That-Humble Author


  1. Well done. Followed link to your entry. I’d buy it.

  2. Thanks Rach – next stop the world of advertising for me! Red-rimmed glasses and a ponytail as I talk about “cross-synergising the brands across marketplace platforms” ahoy!
    Though perhaps my ideas of ad people are a little stuck in the 1980s…

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