Spotted in the London Paddington branch of WHSmith.

I like to think that the near-obliteration of the A and the subtle amending of the G into an O is entirely deliberate.

And while we’re taking cheap shots, is it just my imagination, or is that one of the least convincing photo-montage jobs of all time? Sergeant Pepper’s looked more like all the people were actually there, and that was in 1967 or so.

(Note to my American readers: don’t be fooled by Morgan’s appearance on various TV shows over there, he’s not any kind of representative of the UK; for example,not many of us Limeys have been fired from our newspaper editing jobs for publishing fake photos purporting to show British servicemen urinating on Iraqi prisoners. In fact, the number of British people who are on record for doing so is very slight – just 1 in something like 60 million.)