Writing: A Bit Of What

Given the previous post , I thought I it was only right to post an update on what writing I’ve been doing since… well, since the last time I posted about what’s on my writing list at present.

It’s not quite as busy as it could have been, but just last week I submitted my entry for a competition to write an advert for the new Patricia Cornwell paperback – in fact, you can view it here. The decision-making process is now underway, so if any of the judges are reading this, hello, I hope you’re well, and can I buy you a drink? Just being friendly, it’s not a bribe or anything, of course (actually, it looks as if a few people have already looked at it, and given me some votes, which is kind).

I’m also re-tooling ‘Broken Glass’, the screenplay I wrote for last year’s Red Planet Screenplay Competition. I’m of a mind to see about submitting it to this year’s British Short Screenplay Competition, though if I don’t make the deadline for that I’d like to have it finished anyway, for my own satisfaction.

Throw in the novels I’ve started (although one of them is, I found out over the weekend, similar to a well-respected foreign film in terms of several story beats, hmm), the novel I’ve finished and intend to start throwing at agents again, and the radio play which I really do have to get finished and off to the BBC Writers’ Room , and I like to think that’s about enough to keep me busy, at least for now.

Plus, of course , the 9-5 job and the arrangements for getting married in less than six months. I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I’d forgotten either of those.

And no, I didn’t just add that previous sentence in case my boss or my beloved looks at this post. Honest.


Writing: A Bit Of Why


World Book Day 2008


  1. Bribery! Corruption! Scandal!

    It’s always the quiet ones.

  2. That’s certainly the first time anyone’s ever accused me of being quiet!

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