Got a blog? Got words to spare or a true story to tell? Then you may be able to assist with a charity project which is currently seeking submissions.

You might remember that around this time last year, Mike collected material from UK bloggers in just one week to create Shaggy Blog Stories, a fundraising book for Comic Relief.

Well, that book (which is a terrific read, and still available via the link) raised over £2000 for charity (yay Mike!), and now a new project aims to do just as well (in fact, better – and why not aim high, say I?), and you can help.

Bon Viveuse and blogger Sarah J Peach, along with some of her pals, is compiling “You’re Not The Only One”, a book of blog-writing in aid of War Child. As you may know, War Child is an international charity dedicated to helping children affected by war, and also furthering the cause of peace. So, y’know, not exactly shabby aims there.

To get involved, SJP is asking bloggers (from anywhere in the world) to supply a bit of writing on something that’s happened to them – sad, funny, inspiring, rueful, or whatever, it’s not important as long as it’s true, and something which other folks can either relate to or take some comfort in – hence the title.

More info is available HERE, and the closing date is Sunday 9 March, so you’ve still got time to send something in.

I’ll see if I can put a link in the column to the right of this page, and of course as soon as the book is available to buy I will pimp it shamelessly. In fact, I’ve already donned a pink floppy hat and stackheel shoes, in anticipation (and if that image isn’t enough to send you fearfully scurrying to the link given above, I don’t know what will be)…