Sign “O” The Times, Alarmingly

This sign has recently appeared in the Gents at the place where I work.

Given that I’m amongst the youngest there, it’s a bit alarming that they feel that we need a refresher course in how to wash your hands, surely?


No Need For Names, This Is More About The What Than The Whom…


Laygennelmen, We Have A Winner!


  1. Bit scary but I’m starting to think these signs are a less than subtle reminder that people really ought to wash their hands full stop… which seems to be a bit of an issue these days.

    Maybe if the TV news said after each E.Coli outbreak that it’s caused by people eating the faecal matter that other people didn’t wash off their hands maybe then there’d be a change.

  2. It is alarming how many gents seem to be walkers, not washers. And the thing that bugs me most is that all too often there’s some odd relation between a person being in a managerial position, and not washing the hands… when that sort of person is more likely to shake hands at the start of a meeting or whatever than someone lower down the food chain, such as myself. And I’m a scrupulous washer (though not OCD abuot it, I like to think).

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