Yes, I appreciate that Dick Tracy used to have a wrist-radio-TV thing that enabled him to say “I’m on my way”, and I know that it looks like the sort of thing that we should have this side of the year 2000, but logic dictates that the screen is only ever – at best – going to be as big as your wrist.

The model shown above, which is available from Firebox, boasts a screen which measures a full 1.5″. Wow-ee. Now you too can see Citizen Kane reduced to the size of a matchbox. Will the wonders of modern science never cease?

As I noted in this post, trying to combine functions with a watch invariably results in something that’s too chunky to be a watch, but too small to work as a TV or calculator or whatever. And this seems to be one of those.

Granted, it might be bearable for watching Youtube videos or other short works of cinematic greatness like The Star Wars Kid , but watching a whole film on something so small? Only if you don’t mind risking eyestrain at the very least.

As ever, you may disagree wildly, and think that I’m talking pish. You’re absolutely entitled to that opinion, but do bear in mind that on this issue, David Lynch has made it clear that he and I are in complete agreement, though he uses stronger language to make his point.