A Night At The Bingo

Alan Carr and Bingo from the Banana Splits – separated at birth?

Not that I’m having a go at Alan – in fact, I was pleased to see that his current stand-up DVD is selling very well – I saw the event live (tip of the hat to m’laydee for suggesting we go in spite of uncertainty on my part), and was very impressed indeed; ignore his appearances on the execrable ‘Friday Night Project’, where he’s utterly wasted, and check out the DVD, where you can see what I consider a truly ‘classic’ stand-up set – lots of well-honed jokes and stories, which are all tight and to the point.

Genunely worth your time and money. Even if Alan does look like Bingo.


Welcome To 2008. I’ve Been Expecting You.


Now Wait For Next Year*

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  1. That is just freaky … I KNEW I’d seen Alan Carr before when I was a kid! La la la, la-la la la, la la la, la-la la la …

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