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Hmm, well, it’s amazingly unlikely that I’ll be posting much in the next few weeks (a lot of commitments, not least of which is, as I said yesterday, trying to polish off my too-long-in-the-writing novel so I have a clean slate for NaNoWriMo in November).


To keep you folks entertained in my absence, here are a selection of links to other places of interest on the interweb. Even if you get through them all in a day, check back regularly, as a lot of them are updated on a daily basis… and yes, I’ll add this lot to the list of links in the right-hand column as soon as I get back to regular posting.

(The following list, and the categories I’ve put in, are in hypothetical order, so please don’t take offence if your blog or site is listed under some wildly inappropriate heading.)

Bloggers who write regularly and writers who blog regularly
Angie Michaelis
David Bishop
Troubled Diva
David Hepworth
Neil Gaiman
John August
Stephen Fry
Marie Phillips
Stephen Gallagher
Graham Linehan
English Dave
James Moran
James Henry

You may not lose your mind visiting these sites, but be prepared to lose some time
TV Cream

Magazines I read in the real world too
Fortean Times
Men’s Health

Discussion Boards
Cookd n Bombd

On Writing
Write Here, Write Now
BBC Writersroom

Other sites which, try as I might, I can’t fit into any of the previous categories
Found Magazine

Well, that should be enough to keep you entertained. Play nicely, and try not to break the internet while I’m offline, okay?


Everything Begins with An E


Nano, Nano-Nano, NaNoWriMo, No No, There’s No Limits*

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  1. Men’s Health magazine… That’s got to be entirely about how it’s NOT a good idea to eat kebabs every day, the importance of washing regularly & changing your pants every day, plus checking your willy for…stuff. Right? And they run this all year round?! Some people have such brass.

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