Congratulations are due to David Bishop for winning the 2007 PAGE Screenwriting Awards with his script ‘Danny’s Toys’. I won’t pretend to have read the script in question, but I’ve met David once or twice and he’s always been a friendly chap, and if you read his blog on a regular basis it’s painfully obvious that he’s one of those smart cookies who is able to apply his mind both to the creative and the practical side of writing. Well done to him, I say!

I, on the other hand, have been notified that I didn’t win the Acid Theatre Monologue Writing Competition , which I entered recently. Still, they were good enough to let me know swiftly, and of course it means I now have a 30-minute stage monologue in my portfolio, and I learned a few things both whilst writing and researching it, so it was far from wasted time.