Well, today I go to get my eyes lasered to (according to the write-up) “remove my reliance on glasses” – or, as I prefer to see it, sort out my short-sightedness. I’m hoping it’ll go straightforwardly, as I have things to do in the next few weeks. I’m a busy man, dammit! Get me the Montreal Office on the phone!


Anyway, as the vast majority of people seem to know someone who knows someone who’s had their eyes burnt this way, let me hereby volunteer to be your first-generation teller of the tale after I’m done. As well as the inevitable blog post about what it was, how it went, and whether it seems to have worked, etc, you can also e-mail me with any specific questions and the like.

Speaking of e-mail, if it all goes horribly wrong, these next few hours might be the last time you can send me e-mails, so send them now! Now, I say! To the keyboard with you, with all haste!

(So, in summary; might be a bit blog-quiet in the immediate future, but don’t lose heart – I shall return with tales of lasers, as well as pictures of rude graffiti, strange books lying on tube seats, and links to classy photos taken by the talented chap who’ll be photographing our wedding [yes indeed, you SHOULD be impressed], and, no doubt, the usual drivel.)