1. Yes, a few days off there. Back now, though, and I had a good time, thanks. How are you?

2. My Pobrophenia post appears to have been greeted with general bemusement and disagreement. I’d argue that it’s more apparent when both chaps are moving, but you might still disagree. Ah well.

3. Mike Reid – arguably best known from EastEnders – died yesterday. As I was a contestant in 1981 on the TV quiz show Runaround, which he hosted, I can cheerfully report that he was a friendly chap, and that he willingly signed autographs for the members of the audience who asked for them. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I won a digital watch, not the top prize. I still have the t-shirt, but it does look more like a belly-baring top now, so I only wear it on special occasions. Anyway, Mike was a nice chap, from my meeting with him.

4. I don’t want to sound like an old straight, but when I was a kid, it was pretty clear to me that Battlestar Galactica (the original version) was a rip-off of Star Wars. When I was older, I felt the same way about Digimon and Pokemon, even though I was arguably outside their target audience. And now, again though the stuff’s not aimed at me, am I entirely wrong in thinking that Kate Nash’s music is suspiciously like that of Lily Allen?

5. When I’m not writing this blog, what do I do with my time? I’m glad you asked. At the moment, I’ve mainly been writing a screenplay, a stage monologue, and a shortish radio play. And at my back I always hear my second novel, not drawing particularly near… which does beggar the question of what I’m doing typing this right now, doesn’t it? All right, I’ll get me gone.