Last night I went, as mentioned previously, to the Tony Jordan event at the Royal Court here in London. It was a nicely informal bash, with probably a couple of hundred people there, and topics covered in the interview and Q&A ranged from coming up with ideas to some real nuts-n-bolts stuff, so it was definitely worth my time and attention, especially as it was free (yes, free – arranged by the BBC. Huzzah for Auntie!).

Almost tempted to type up large chunks of my notes by way of sharing with folks who might be interested but couldn’t get there, but while I mull over whether I’ll just be duplicating work which others will be doing in more accurate form elsewhere, I’ll share the following (only slightly elided) quote, which rang very true for me:

“Writers are always looking for reasons not to write, or why they haven’t been discovered yet… there is no secret. A writer writes.”

And don’t worry, I’m not entirely unaware of the irony of posting this on m’blog when I could be finishing off something more substantive… but I thought it was worthy of reporting to a wider audience.