Well, my time is my own once again, and so I shall make good on the promises I made in my previous post…

Firstly, here’s a frankly worrying picture from ‘Jimmy Olsen – Superman’s Pal issue 85’. Okay, so it was published some decades ago, but that is just not right.

Secondly, you may remember that on May 30 I stated – in a typically dismissive fashion – that Facebook is just a middle-class version of Myspace. And then on June 25 it was reported that a long-term study had suggested that…yes, you guessed.

And thirdly and finally in terms of keeping promises and talking about a personal matter, I’m very pleased to confirm that m’lady Jules and I are engaged. Those of you who’ve been reading the blog for a while will have noticed the references to her as ‘my beloved’ and ‘the light of my life’ and the like, as I’ve always been wary of the blog turning self-indulgent… or at least more self-indulgent than it already is, in terms of me waxing rhapsodic about Jules at such length that I break the internet or something. But, to put it simply, she’s an incredible woman, who somehow manages to combine intelligence, looks, and a sense of humour. I didn’t mention the engagement previously as it wasn’t entirely public knowledge, but now it is and we’re having engagement drinks and the like. I will, of course, post about any silly events involved in the run-up to the wedding (next year), but I’m probably going to spare you posts about choosing wedding caterers and the like… probably.