As you know, I wouldn’t normally post at the weekend, but I thought I’d break with tradition to ask: am I the first person to ask if the current advert from PC World features an obscenity?

You can barely make it out in the jpeg here (but see below for a link to a clearer version), but in the top row of the album covers on the screen, fifth one along (just above the Mutya Buena cover) the cover with the orange and purple words seems… well, it seems to be telling the viewer of the ad to go away in no uncertain terms.

It could be me just looking for filth, but are we looking at a prank played by a far-from-gruntled employee here?

I’ve uploaded a slightly more visible version of the above shot to my webspace – go here to have a look, and let me know what you reckon. Naturally, I like to think I’m the first person to spot this, but of course if I’m just imagining it (it could well be an album cover I’m not familiar with), please let me know… if not, should I give PC World or the Advertising Standards people a call, do you think?