Well, those of you with memories might well recall that, back in March of this year, I was jolly pleased to be part of Shaggy Blog Stories, a book for Comic Relief. I haven’t reviewed it here because of the obvious conflict of interests, but I liked it a lot (for the other 99 contributions, I mean, not mine, I’d read that one before).

Anyone, the not-evil genius behind it, Mike of Troubled Diva has gone and convinced 14 of the contributors to turn it into a podcast, and as a shameless self-publicist with access to a recording studio, I’m part of it.

So, the Shaggy Blog Stories Podcast is now available to buy and download here. It’s over an hour long for a mere £2, of which 80% goes to Comic Relief, but if you’re not sure if you want to buy it, then you can listen to a free two-minute preview (again, at this page), which includes mad-out-of-context snippets from the readings, including mine.

Unsurprisingly , I urge you to buy it – the book’s very funny, but if you’re one of these people who has no time for books and prefers to download ringletones onto your Nintendo J-Pod, this will be a way for you to have a laugh, contribute to a worthy cause, and hear my dulcet tones, all at the same time.