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I drink too much Diet Coke, and thus have reached my limit in using their free iTunes codes (only 5 per person).

Thus, the following code can be utilised by anyone who wants it – first come, first get. Head over to iTunes’ site, find the ‘Coke Free Song’ section or whatever it’s called, and enter the following code to get a free song: TFFRNWCXSBMB.

If you try to use it and it doesn’t work, that probably means some-one beat you to it. Them’s the breaks, kid.


Evening Standard Free West Wing DVD Codes


LINK: Good sportsmanship, I’d say

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  1. Hi john i just saw your itunes code and typed it in and it works thanks for that.
    The funny thing is im john soanes too, so you could say you gave your self the song!

    Many thanks

    John soanes

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