As I may well have mentioned at the time, I recently went to see a recording of the TV programme QI, hosted by Stephen Fry. The episode in question will be shown this Friday (20 October) at 10pm on BBC2.

Wisely, in editing down the 90+ minutes of material, they’ve decided to omit Rory Bremner’s earlier attempts to shoehorn political impressions into the format (which he sensibly dropped as time went on, and instead demonstrated some rather impressive general knowledge), and left many of Ronni Ancona’s funny replies in (I draw your attention to her lengthy answer about ‘obscurity’).

Anyway, as ever with QI, it’s funny and makes one think, which is an appallingly rare feature of TV nowadays as far as I’m concerned.

QI, incidentally, has its own website (and a shop and a club, intriguingly enough), and lo, the following link shows I’m not alone in appreciating the show:

Very impressive, I think you’d agree. Whether it makes people at the BBC think twice about the programming on either side of the timeslot in question is, of course, another matter entirely…