Since there’s absolutely nothing more gripping than hearing about people’s utility hassles, just to say that I’ve lodged my complaint about lousy service with the higher echelons of Talktalk, and they’re looking into it, allegedly. Be interested to hear why the company hasn’t called me back (as they promised to do in late July) or sent me a replacement CD (over a month of waiting now) in order to get me the broadband I’ve been paying for.

So, if you’re thinking about signing up for TalkTalk’s package with the ‘free’ broadband, I strongly suggest that you don’t, as – in my experience – their customer service is atrocious, and the broadband doesn’t work. You know, I rather miss my dial-up with its usual connection speed of way below 56K, as that was infinitely faster than none at all.

If you have a Broadband deal which doesn’t costs a lot, and includes calls (ideally evening and weekend, but I’ll make do with the latter), please let me know, as unless Talktalk pull something rather remarkable out of the hat (and as I cc-ed my latest e-mail to their MD, maybe they will), I’m looking to change interweb provider… please e-mail your suggestions to me at

And of course, until this is sorted out, updates will continue to be sporadic… yes, I’m as tired of that refrain as you are.