I consider myself a rational, intelligent type, not given to flights of insane fancy or making decisions based on spurious notions or beliefs.

And yet… I’ve read about Chaos Magick and sigilwork and dabbled in them to an extent, infrequently do tarot card readings on the deck I own, have a couple of different translations of the I Ching which I consult now and then, and was grateful to receive a Solar Return Reading which a good friend of mine, an astrologer, recently gave me as a birthday present.

Occasionally, these things influence the way I think and act, and I could (with little notice) provide tales of precognitive dreams or other experiences I’ve had, deja vu moments, and the like; most people I know are similarly sceptical, and yet could tell tales of things which have happened to them which fall in such categories, and which defy satisfactory explanation using logical or scientific method.

What, then, is the explanation for this ? Is it that the experience of living is just the tip of a vast iceberg of things which we don’t yet have abilities to grasp, and that there is indeed ‘something more’ out there? Or is it that even the most rational of minds will occasionally fall prey to the belief that there is something paranormal or supernatural going on because, for whatever reason, there’s a part of their mind that wants to think such things could be true, and is on occasion willing to over-estimate the evidence to make it appear so ? Or something else ?

I genuinely have no idea, and – as ever – invite your suggestions…