Hello, did you miss me ? Hmm? Yes I missed you t- oh, don’t be like that, I did miss you, really I did. I know it’s been a fortnight, but you mustn’t take it so personally. It’s been a frankly interesting couple of weeks, for a variety of reasons, and that’s kept me away from the keyboard, but you know, I think it’s better to be out there doing stuff than just sitting and writing about it, isn’t it ? Yes, it is.

That said, I hope you had a cool Yule and that 2006 brings you many pleasant surprises, including at least one thing which you don’t really deserve – because we all deserve that every now and then. If not more often.

I’d guess many people will be writing about New Year’s Resolutions at present, and although I don’t really make resolutions, I do make lists of things I’d like to do over the course of the coming year, and whilst 2005 saw some decent things getting ticked off (Everest Base Camp, for example), I did rather disappointingly only complete 13 of the 31 things in all. Not good enough, I agree, and so (as I frequently promised my parents when my school report had been read), I’ll do better this year. May need nudging occasionally, though, particularly as I’ll be attempting to be less cynical – as I mentioned recently, it’s all too easy to mistake cynicism for sophistication, and it’s a trait I’m growing tired of in myself (the cynicism, I mean; couldn’t give up the sophistication, obviously). Your assistance is appreciated.

Right, so, into 2006. Who knows what it will hold ? Well, let’s set about finding out, shall we ? I raise a mug of tea to you and the year, and what say we meet back here this time next year to compare notes, eh ? Excellent. See you then. But in the meantime –