Well, it’s been a week, and as someone recently told me they prefer the shorter entries, the non-existent ones were probably even more popular. But I’m back now. Oh yes.

The first time I saw the film Fight Club, I thought “meh” and wasn’t too keen (I didn’t really care for the ‘twist’). Strangely, though, it stuck in my mind for a several weeks thereafter, and since then I’ve liked it more and more on each re-viewing, until I now think it’s a very good, and possibly even an important film – and rather like ‘Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry’ it’s one I don’t think would be made today.

Anyway, there’s a scene in it where Brad Pitt and Edward Norton (using the actor’s names for reasons which will be abundantly clear if you’ve watched the film) are walking down a street at night, using baseball bats to hit the bumpers of parked cars and set off their alarms. However, as they pass one car, Pitt stops Norton hitting it and says ‘not this one’. Now, this line doesn’t appear in either Chuck Palahniuk’s original novel, or the screenplay for the film, and could well be a bit of stuff they came up with at the time… mind you, as we know in the film that Pitt knows which cars are likely to experience dangerous technical breakdowns, and that the cars in question are made by one of the major manufacturers, I can’t help but wonder if it’s reasonable to conclude that the suggestion is that the car might explode or similar if the bumper was hit with a baseball bat.

Maybe I’m looking for things that aren’t there, it wouldn’t be the first time… but if anyone can tell me what make of car it is, I’ll try to make sure I don’t buy one.