Hello, and welcome.

I’m expecting this to be the most-frequently updated part of my website (though, as you’ll probably have noticed, it’s not actually part of johnsoanes.co.uk – blogger’s format seemed more appropriate than me building it from scratch).

My general aim with this area of the online stuff is to post comments and observations and the like on a variety of subjects, including reviews of various media. What I don’t envision it being, though, is an online diary, full of the minutiae of my day-to-day life, as that’d probably be as dull for you to read as it would be for me to write up.
I think it was Ben Elton who once observed that keeping a diary makes you run the risk of being more of a reporter on your life than an active participant, and I think that’s a valid point.

In the same vein, I certainly don’t expect to be sharing details of my relationships and the like – there are, after all, some things a gentleman does not discuss. Besides, I kept a pretty detailed diary of such things for a number of years in the 1990s, and looking back at it now… well, frankly, it’s fairly embarrassing to read. Shudder.

However, having now detailed what I DON’T expect to be talking about here, I’ll cheerfully admit that I expect to be using this space – and this amusingly public opportunity – to talk about pretty much anything that I feel like venting about. Hopefully there’ll be stuff of interest to you, and also stuff which you may well disagree with – that being the case, please feel free to post comments, especially if I’ve been saying things which are contentious, ill-considered, grammatically incorrect, or just plain unrelated to the facts.

Hope you find things amusing or interesting or in some other way diverting, and I’ll do my level best to have something new to read here on a regular basis.